MyHermes is a leading and experienced Courier & Logistics Company with vast network coverage across the globe, serving over 120 Countries Worldwide.

We are presently one of the Largest Courier company with company subsidiaries in all. over the world.
Who is MyHermes Delivery and Logistics Company?

Our clients describing our logistics services as Forward thinking, Innovative and Excellent, we are encouraged to keep the standard. Our stakeholder-relationship with you, planning like we are part of your business is how we deliver the value your business needs. As a service provider, we understand our business is to meet your supply chain needs and particularly delivering process improvement through our just in time model.

Through our consolidation services over the years of providing shipping and logistics for businesses and organizations round the world, we have built capacity from our partnerships with several standard compliant partners across the globe.

Reliable and affordable are two major words our clients qualify our services with. Our services help them plan with certainty and become more efficient. Across America, Europe, China, Africa Middle East and UAE, MyHermes delivers a range of affordable and reliable services to suit your cargo requirement.

Whatever the type and size of your shipment, we get it to the destination you choose in record time and at an affordable cost.

From any location around the world, there is no limit to sizes and type of cargo we can move for you. Our delivery options from urgent and time bound delivery to less urgent delivery are reliable and affordable.
Our People and the Environment

We believe that to offer a truly customer focused operation requires total employee engagement. We operate an open door policy to encourage staff members to bring new ideas to the directors and management team to share. At Courier Logistics we pride ourselves on our ability to provide support and guidance to our workforce and operate at a whole team.

As a company we also encourage and fund employee training to aid employee progression which in turn stimulates efficiencies, fulfilled staff and ultimately raises customer service.

As part of our commitment to our employees and to the environment we are currently working towards ISO 14001. This accreditation guides and governs our effect on the environment and helps us to reduce our impact where possible.
“Our company is very friendly; our business managers go above and beyond for our employee’s, which in turn, encourages them to go above and beyond for customers. The friendly atmosphere experienced in this building gets transferred to allure customers through every call, inbound and outbound”.

Why choose MyHermes?
Based on your needs, MyHermes can offer tailor-made solutions and keeps expanding its global and reliable network to offer integrated haulage services that meet your supply chain requirements. Our aim is to provide a safe and efficient delivery of your cargo worldwide.
Complementing outstanding shipping services due to worldwide port coverage, MyHermes’s intermodal solutions enable door-to-door delivery and connectivity with global inland commercial centres.
We have the scale, experience, knowledge and equipment to provide for a fast and reliable transit of your goods, while leveraging the latest technologies and keeping a sustainable approach. Using our landside transport services not only saves you time and money; it also reduces your business’s carbon footprint.
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